Farm To Face: Olive + M’s Unique Approach To Skincare


Just like farm to table is gaining popularity with many who want to live and eat healthier, at Olive + M, our approach to skincare is much the same. Our unique “farm to face” motto perfectly reflects our company’s mission to provide consumers with all-natural products that are like food for your skin.

Unlike other products filled with synthetic chemicals and lab-made ingredients, Olive + M focuses on using plant-based ingredients to purify, renew and repair your skin. Instead of turning to chemicals and ingredients you know nothing about, try skincare made from ingredients you know and trust—ingredients provided by Mother Nature herself.


Natural Plant-Based Oils

Every ingredient has a purpose, that’s why we choose to only include natural, plant-based oils in our formulas that contain vitamins and nutrients that benefit the skin. The end result, radiantly glowing skin.

Our founder Mariska Nicholson’s one principal when it comes to Olive + M’s products is that every single ingredient is 100% natural, so it’s as if it comes straight from the farm right to your face! Simple ingredients like red raspberry seed oil, pink grapefruit seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, hemp seed oil and extra virgin olive oil are just some of the beneficial and natural ingredients that go into our skincare products.

But, using natural oils isn’t just a marketing ploy to those who prefer natural and chemical-free products – it’s proven to be effective on one’s skin. At Olive + M, we understand that by using the right oils, you can enhance your skin naturally and effectively.

One key ingredient found in our cleansing oil is castor oil, which acts a drawing agent that penetrates deep into your pores to pull bacteria, grime, and dirt to the surface of your skin. It also replaces any dirty oil in the skin with beneficial oil that helps result in smooth and glowing skin.

Farm To Face Means Benefits For Your Skin

Each of our handmade formulas are packed with cold pressed plant-based oils that are not only rich in vitamins and antioxidants, but also essential amino acids and omegas, too – which are all beneficial and necessary for achieving healthy and amazing skin. Learn more about our natural ingredients here >

Dry skin? Olive + M’s skincare provides your skin with necessary hydration and moisturization it needs. Leaving your skin feeling soft, radiant and healthier.

Olive + M’s Face Oil, Cleansing Oil, and Body Oil are all made with beneficial, chemical-free ingredients that your skin will thank you for and you’ll see results with continuous use. A farm to table approach helps cut out harmful additives and chemicals in your food, and Olive + M’s farm to face approach does the same for your skin!