Olive + M’s Roots: How Mariska Discovered Plant Oils & Changed The Game In Skincare

Room For Change In The Skincare Industry

Remember what skincare used to be? The market was flooded with harsh astringents, overnight zit zapping creams, and drying oil-free acne washes. All of which were chock-full of toxic, harmful chemicals and ingredients that you couldn’t even pronounce, let alone know what they were or where they came from.

You’re probably thinking “Oh wait…isn’t that how the skincare industry still is today?” And you’re right! Unfortunately, not much has changed.

Take a closer look! Even when brands come out with “natural” lines of products, they still use icky synthetic ingredients like petrochemicals, sodium benzoate, propylene glycol, and other unnatural components.

Now, imagine a world where you could pick something up off the shelf and not only recognize the ingredients, but feel good about using them on your body. Enter Indie Beauty, a world where skincare has no secrets, brands actually care about their consumer, and WANT you to know what you’re putting on your skin.

Olive + M founder Mariska Nicholson was frustrated with the lack of evolution and authenticity in the skincare market and decided it was time to make a change.


The Beginning Of A Journey

Mariska began experimenting with various oils and blends in 2010 and used friends and family as guinea pigs– because animal testing is so 20th century. With trial and error and trial again, Mariska finally found the ideal blend of natural plant-based oils for cleansing and conditioning skin. And in 2014, Olive + M was born. Check Out The Olive + M Skincare Line As It Is Today >

Wholesome Ingredients

Olive + M’s formulas are as natural as they come. With a base of local, cold-pressed Texas Olive Ranch olive oil, thoughtfully blended with antioxidant rich, skin super-foods like avocado oil, pomegranate seed oil, red raspberry seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, rosehip seed oil, pink grapefruit seed oil, and hemp seed oil. It’s pure enough to eat, but here’s why you’ll want to save it for your skin. Learn More About Olive + M Ingredients >


Oil, Good For Skin?

When you wash and treat your skin with products containing unnatural or harsh ingredients, you’re actually stripping your skin of its sebum (your skin’s natural oil).

The result? Excess oil production.

The solution? Instead of stripping your skin of oil, and interrupting your skin’s natural process, supply it with beneficial oils.

The result? Nourished, healthy, glowing skin.

We know that skin can be safely and gently cared for with the right oils. One of the main ingredients in our cleansing oil, castor oil, actually delves deep into your pores, pulling dirt and bacteria to the surface of the skin, while maintaining your skin’s natural moisture. Each formula contains a special blend of plant-based oils that are jam packed with antioxidants, vitamins, omegas and amino acids to give your skin a boost of healing and protection. And, our oils gently and effectively moisturize your skin for a healthy, radiant glow. Doesn’t that sound better than the tight, shiny skin you get with harsh chemical cleansers? Learn More About Why Oil?

The Olive + M Difference

You won’t find any water in our formulas. Why is this important? When you dilute your ingredients with water, it creates an environment prime for bacteria breeding. The Olive + M line of skin care is the real deal; no filler water, no GMOs, and made right here in Texas with locally sourced, cold-pressed olive oil from Texas Olive Ranch. Mariska knew that effective skin care only needed the good stuff Mother Nature provides for us, and that’s what Olive + M is all about! See The Olive + M Skincare Line >


The Complete Package

The basics for beautiful skin start here. Mariska designed this lovely little routine to be a simple and effective solution for all skin types. It’s the skincare trifecta!

Use the Cleansing Oil and a warm, wet cloth to gently cleanse your face and remove dirt, oil, makeup, and various other impurities from your pores. Our Body Oil can be dropped in a hot bath to soothe and rejuvenate all over, and then applied directly after, for supple, moisturized skin.

Finally, our Face Oil provides a powerful blend of anti-oxidant-rich, anti-aging oils to moisturize your complexion and bring out your healthy glow.

The Olive + M Trifecta Set will cleanse, renew, and repair your skin naturally for a beautiful, healthy glow. Check out the Olive + M Trifecta Set >

Want to try Olive + M yourself? Our Olive + M sample pack is perfect for a trial run, and/or travel. Give it a go for only $12.