Lose The Chemicals With Natural Skincare From Olive + M

Skin is your natural barrier against the toxins and irritants of the environment. Without that layer of protection – your largest organ – those pollutants would get into your body, exactly where you do not want them to be. So when you consider self-care and keeping your skin nourished and healthy, why turn to products that are laced with the very same chemicals from which you’re working to protect your body? Having beautiful skin from head to toe shouldn’t mean you sacrifice your health. To understand the benefits of natural skin care, let’s look at the dangers of what you’ll likely find on the big-box store shelf.

The Problem With Status Quo Skin Care

Products that are backed by popular name brands or sold in large retail stores aren’t necessarily good for your skin. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t have to approve ingredients that go into the popular cleansers, toners and moisturizes you use every day. The very broad guideline for companies creating personal care products is to ensure the product is safe when used in the way recommended on the bottle.

Unfortunately, many of the ingredients that go into these “safe” products are actually very harmful for your body, especially the skin on delicate areas like your face and neck. Popular ingredients like parabens, which are associated with an increased risk of breast cancer, and formaldehyde, used to prevent the growth of bacteria but said to be responsible for allergic skin reactions and causing harm to the immune system, are the main components in many face cleansers and shampoos.

What Makes A Natural Skin Care Product?

The story of a natural skin care line starts with what isn’t in the product. Responsibly-made products allow you to cleanse your skin while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As you research the best natural skin care products, it’s important to look for these qualifiers:

  • Vegan
  • GMO-free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cruelty-free
  • Free of harmful chemicals, irritants, or preservatives
  • Carefully formulated with all natural, organic ingredients

Olive+M natural skin care products are responsibly sourced, high quality, and ethically sound. What you put on your skin should be just as safe as what you put in your body.

Best Natural Skin Care Products

The skin on your face is the most sensitive and should be cared for with the safest, highest quality cleansers and moisturizers. To keep your skin hydrated and healthy for decades to come, natural ingredients are the most effective at reducing the signs of age and preventing irritation.

The Olive+M skin care line is designed for those who care as much about the immediate results as they do the long-term effects of the products used. None of the ingredients you find in the Olive+M line are developed in a lab. Ever.

If you’re ready to start a natural skin care routine, we recommend the Olive+M Cleansing Oil and Face Oil. No matter where you are in your skin care journey or how much damage other products or the environment may have caused, it’s never too late to find your natural glow!