How Your Skin Is Affected By Seasonal Changes

Much like the seasons of the year, our skin changes and develops through different phases. Our skin is highly sensitive to climate change, so with the summer’s extreme heat, the chill in the winter and even indoor temperature, adjustments change how your skin feels. During the ups and down of spring and fall, skin takes a brutal hit as it tries to adapt to the swaying environment.

Below is additional information on how your skin reacts to the different seasons along with recommended self care tips for navigating each new change.

Fall: In Transition

As summer ends and our skin is no longer protected by our bronzed tans. Blemishes and dry skin begin to make a comeback. Breakouts can rebound with a vengeance and, in some cases, our oil glands trigger a response of overproduction. Our skin fades to a pale color, losing tone and hydration. Because fall can bring sporadic weather patterns – warm temperatures followed by cool, windy days – our skin is thirsting for moisture and hydration that gives it back it’s healthy glow.

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Winter: Slowing Circulation

We all know what happens to our skin during the cold, winter months. The dry, itchy feeling of skin that desperately needs moisture can be hard to overcome. We’re constantly switching between dry heat indoors to the freezing temperatures outside, causing our skin’s top layer to dry out even more quickly. Cell renewal and skin circulation decreases, causing our skin to lose its fresh glow.

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Spring: In Bloom

As the warm air returns and nature awakens, so does our skin! The sun’s warmth will be a welcomed feeling after a winter full of little moisture and tight skin. The spring is the perfect time for a thorough scrub to free your pores of dirt and start with a fresh beginning.

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Summer: Time for Protection

There are few things better than sitting poolside or on the beach soaking in the sun’s warmth! But as much as we love a beach day, it’s important to still protect your skin from harmful sun rays and premature age spots. Using skin care products with at least an SPF 30 is recommended from dermatologists – even on days you’re not sipping a cool drink beside the pool! The summer months call for our skin to become extra oily as our pores open and we sweat more often. During the summer months, it’s best to trade out the thick moisturizers for a lightweight product that combats the unwanted, greasy excess by dissolving oil with oil!

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