Your Guide To A Customized AM And PM Skincare Routine

You wake up to the same face you went to bed with, right? So your skincare routine doesn’t need to change from morning to night, or does it?

Your skin is exposed to entirely different elements during the day as compared to when you’re sleeping, so how to cleanse and treat your skin must change to be effective. At night, your skin is exposed to the dirt and oils on your bedding, but the day is a completely different battle. Just being outside exposes your skin to allergens, pollutants, dirt, whatever the sticky substance was on your toddler’s hand, and so many other impurities.

During the day, your skin works to protect you, shielding you from the sun’s UV rays, impurities in the environment and other bacteria that can cause blemishes and speed up the aging process. At night, your skin works to repair itself, shaving off dead skin cells and rejuvenating for the next day. Because of these very different processes, your skincare routine also needs to be different.

The Best AM Skincare Routine

In the morning, your skincare routine should be simple. A gentle cleanser, eye serum and moisturizer are really all you need.

  • Gentle Cleanser: A quality cleanser will gently remove the oil accumulation and remaining nighttime skincare products. Hot water can cause dry skin, so keep the water lukewarm when you wash your face. Look for a facial cleanser that fits your skin type.
  • Eye Serum: The delicate skin around your eyes needs special attention, so using an eye serum will fight off the signs of aging and provide moisture to give you a bright, youthful look.  Dab the serum, rather than rubbing it, under and around your eyes.
  • Moisturizer: Use a lightweight moisturizer with SPF in the mornings. Rub the product on gently in circular motions to promote circulation in your skin. Use an SPF of at least 30 to protect your skin.

While it’s ok to add a product or two to your morning routine, keep in mind that you don’t want to weigh down your skin or leave it feeling greasy before you apply makeup or head out the door. Simple is best.

The Best PM Skincare Routine

Your nighttime skincare routine is your chance to replenish moisture and allow your skin the time it needs to heal and fight signs of aging while you sleep. Use a combination of an exfoliating cleanser, serum, eye repair cream and moisturizer.

  • Exfoliating Cleanser: When it’s time to wash away the day from your skin, use a cleanser that’s going to work effectively without damaging the sensitive skin on your face. Boost skin regeneration at night by exfoliating with a natural cleanser that scrubs with mineral sea salt instead of parabens and artificial fragrances.
  • Age-Corrective Serum: Help your skin in the recovery process with an age-corrective serum or oil that moisturizes while also treating with antioxidants, vitamins, omegas and amino acids.
  • Eye Repair Serum: As dirt and oil irritate your eyes throughout the day, you’re likely to rub and tug the delicate skin. Your nighttime skincare routine should work to correct that damage. Use an effective eye repair treatment that minimizes puffiness and fights against dark circles and crow’s feet.
  • Moisturizer: A rich moisturizer will help lock in the hydration your skin needs throughout the night to repair itself. The moisturizer should be able to deeply penetrate your skin, repairing the damage caused by the sun and other elements.

Your skin works hard to protect you during the day, so taking time at night to boost your skin’s ability to repair itself will help you wake to a refreshed, hydrated glow.