Vegan Beauty Must-Haves For Your Summer Vacation

Whether you’re gearing up for a two-week exotic vacation, or a long weekend away from the city, you’re bound to forget something when you pack for a trip. So before you pile the shoes and outfits for every occasion into your bag, make sure you start with these must-haves for any getaway. The hotel can offer a hair dryer, but it most certainly won’t have your favorite exfoliant!

Face Cleanser

Because let’s be honest, the “facial bar” sitting by the hotel bathroom sink is probably better suited to clean the bathroom sink. Pack your favorite facial cleanser and your skin will thank you later. Keeping your skincare routine consistent will help keep your skin healthy, moisturized and blemish-free, especially when hitting the beach or being in the sun for extended periods of time.


If you want to escape the noise of 200 strangers on an airplane, earbuds are a must for your carry-on. While this vaca essential doesn’t fall in the beauty category, the look and sound of these LSTN Bamboo Avalon Earbuds are nothing shy of pure beauty. Rather have traditional headphones? LSTN has you covered, and the plush vegan leather means you’ll never want to take them off.

Hair Care

Styling your hair daily while on vacation? We’ll pass. But a couple basic products should get you through without losing the shine. Take a moisturizing oil that you can use to nourish the ends and as a conditioning scalp treatment. The oil will keep your hair healthy, even with long days in the sun, so you can spend less time shampooing and styling, and more time relaxing.


Even if you forget it, you can buy a toothbrush nearly anywhere these days – but not like this one. A toothbrush to match your earbuds? Who knew bamboo was so versatile.

Nail Polish

There’s nothing worse than getting a fantastic manicure, then chipping the paint scuba diving, or ordering a glass of wine (we won’t judge). Grab a bottle of nail polish, like clean vegan polish brand AILA, to throw in your bag – just in case you need a touch up!


Don’t get stuck in a drugstore buying sunscreen with potentially toxic and harmful active chemical ingredients. Instead, toss this Honest Mineral Sunscreen into your bag for complete protection from the sun. It’s great for sensitive skin, so you can also use it on your face.

Face Oil

Leave the makeup bag at home and bring this ultra-moisturizing trio of oils instead. Your skin will stay healthy, hydrated and have a refreshed glow for the entire trip.


Protect your eyes and look fabulous while doing it with your favorite pair of Unicorn Goods sunglasses. Whether your adventure takes you to the mountains or the coast, you’ll enjoy it more when you’re not squinting. Grab your shades and enjoy the view!

Don’t forget to grab your TSA approved travel size products so you don’t have to leave all your favorite beauty products behind with the TSA agent.