Olive + M Is Natural, Gentle & Effective.

You might think we’re crazy telling people that you can cleanse and restore your skin with oil, but hear us out. As it turns out, oil dissolves oil without stripping your skin of its delicate balance of moisture, leaving your skin clean and soft. Our founder, Mariska Nicholson, discovered this back in 2010, and has brought her passion and knowledge to the masses with her exclusive blends of olive oil and plant based skin care products.

-Mariska Nicholson, The M
In Olive + M
“To maintain our naturally beautiful skin we don’t have to compromise our own well-being, or the well-being of our planet. Mother Nature has laid the bounty before us, we just need to respectfully utilize her offerings and I intend to do just that using Olive the good stuff!”

Great Skin Is Made By Mother Nature

In 2010, Founder, Mariska Nicholson, began experimenting with different oil blends and sharing them with family and friends. After much experimentation, in December 2014, Olive + M was created. Mariska had one principal when it came to blending oils: none of the ingredients were to be made in a lab. Rather, every ingredient had to be 100% natural.

Mariska employed simple ingredients including red raspberry seed oil, pumpkin see oil, pink grapefruit seed oil, hemp seed oil, and—of course—the highest quality local Texas Olive Ranch cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.

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