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5 ways to use the Olive + M Body Oil


A Note From M On Our New Prices

From the very beginning of my Olive + M journey as a single mother of two, my main goal was to create clean and...
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7 Ways To Improve Your Skin Texture Naturally

Our skin has a way of changing over the years. The natural aging process and environmental stressors like UV rays from the sun and...
Olive Oil

Why Is Olive Oil Good For Your Skin?

Since launching Olive + M, people have always asked us, “Why olive oil?” Nearly a decade ago, Olive + M’s founder Mariska Nicholson got...
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Founder Mariska Nicholson’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Since 1911, International Women’s Day has been a global day of recognition and celebration for women’s social, economic, cultural and political achievements. For the...

Can I Mix Essential Oils With Olive Oil?