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A 'Thank You' from M to 2019

Written by Mariska Nicholson


Posted on December 31 2019

Happy New Year sweet friends and I hope you all had a lovely holiday season.

I can’t believe we are stepping into a new decade and saying goodbye to 2019. We have so much to be thankful for that 2019 brought for Olive + M. We had small victories and big successes and we had real struggles and growing pains. I am truly thankful for all of it. I try and never lose sight of the importance of embracing the challenges as well as the successes. They both come with purpose, they both come with lessons and they both have the possibility of propelling us in new directions we otherwise might not have chosen. With all that said, here are a few of the many memorable and game changing opportunities/launches of 2019.

This year we were so honored to be chosen to be one of the Target Takeoff accelerator brands and then in July we launched in 100 Target stores.

This opportunity has been huge for the brand as It allows us to further our mission of being inclusive, affordable, clean skincare. I’m not going to lie though, this opportunity wakes me up in the middle of the night, every night. It is one thing to get into Target and then a whole other thing to succeed in Target. My team and I are determined to win, with your help of course, because we are clear on the concept that it takes a village!

In 2019, our website evolved to provide you with a better experience.

This year was some sort of test from the universe about how many hoops I could jump through regarding our website. I am so grateful to be able to say we ended the year with the launch of a beautiful new site. Not only does it provide an amazing experience for our customer, but it also perfectly meets the needs of the business. E-commerce is thriving in a whole new way and our new site will allow us to launch new features for things like subscriptions and wholesale ordering on the site this year!

In the Fall of this year we decided to launch a limited edition seasonal product; the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask + Polish.

I have really never understood the whole pumpkin spice everything when Fall arrives but when Madi (our product development princess) shared this formula with me, I was an instant converter and devotee. This special treat for your skin is only available through the end of January so click this link to get yours! Madi and I are super excited to work on new formulas for you in 2020 one of which we are aiming to share with you as soon as February. Spoiler alert: its pink and full of hydrating love!

There are so many valuable life lessons that we learned this year, but here is one of my favorites.

Life is a series of choices and those choices determine the outcome. We would not be where we are today without the choice you make each day to say yes to Olive + M. We are so thankful and grateful for all of your love and support, truly. In 2020 my wish is for us to build each other up, go out and build on our victories, overcome our challenges and perhaps even turn our challenges into victories!

To the best of 2020 for all of you!

So much love,