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M's Holiday Gift Picks

Written by Mariska Nicholson


Posted on December 10 2019

I always try to think outside of the box when it comes to gift giving during the holidays.

But, a lot of the people on my Christmas list end up get a smattering of Olive + M for holiday gifts anyways. In my defense, this is not me being lazy; it's because that’s what they want! I am so thankful and grateful they love Olive + M as much as I do.

gifts for friend

Everyone loves to get the Face Oil. She is and always will be the matriarch of the brand family. But, she preforms so much better when paired with a gentle yet effective exfoliation routine!

I recently discovered the Versed Overnight Facial Peel and I am loving it, and think you might too! It contains a blend of lactic and glycolic acids that work together to break down dead skin cells while you sleep. This overnight action allows the Face Oil to penetrate that much deeper the next morning for an even more radiant glow. The Versed brand is clean, vegan and affordable which perfectly aligns with the Olive + M ethos! This duo is a perfect gift for mom, your bestie or maybe just yourself!

Shop Face Oil and Versed Overnight Facial Peel

deux moon candle

Here is a unique gift idea to honor the feminine power in your girlfriends: Duex Moon candles.

The two sisters that created this line have offered up a way to light a candle and create awareness around the feminine connection to the lunar cycles. Each lunar cycle holds space for practices like manifestation, gratitude, reflection and transformation. What a thoughtful gift to give a sista' for her to activate in the new year! The scents are elevated and absolutely intoxicating. And the matte black glass with the reflective gold moon designs is stunning.

Shop Deux Moon Candles

big magic

A gift idea that is inexpensive, but boy is it life changing, is Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert.

I read this book at the beginning of 2019 and it has been a guiding force for me this year. I learned about this book on the Movers and Makers blog written by the lovely Sam Luron. She tells very inspiring stories about women entrepreneurs and their businesses. Clearly Sam read the book and was compelled, like me, to share. Dare I say you will be too. This book is too full of nuggets of wisdom not to share! This wonderful read would make a great gift for the dreamers AND the doers in your life, be it your dad, your mom, your best friend or your little sister.

Shop "Big Magic"

smudge dish

The next pick on my list might be the perfect solution for the person who has everything. Let me start by telling you about Kara of KaraCotta Ceramics.

This talented angel makes the most beautiful creations with her hands and her heart. I have had the distinct pleasure of visiting her in her studio where she makes her own kind of big magic using her medium of choice, clay. Olive + M aligns beautifully with Kara and her creations as she too is respectfully partnering with Mother Nature to transform her bounty into a new and beautiful offering for you. I am partial to the Abalone Smudge Dish with the ethically sourced Palo Santo Bundle or the Mermaid Jewelry Bowls or the Mezcal Copitas or the Tumblers….I love it all!

Shop KaraCotta

stocking stuffers

Need a last minute stocking stuffer idea? We have 2 excellent options right here at Olive + M.

If you've got a friend or family member who you want to turn on to the magic that is Olive + M, the Get Glowing Set is for you. With three trial sized bottle of our top selling products (Body Oil, Face Oil and Cleansing Oil), the recipient of this gift will have everything they need to get started with all-natural, olive oil skincare. And for the friend or family member who is already in the Anti-Oxidant Balm fan club, get them another one to keep in every corner of their life. But remember, there is no need to feel left out, we’ve got one with your name on it!

Shop Get Glowing Set and Antioxidant Balm

Wishing each and every one of you joy and blessings, hugs and love piles, self care and compassion and the happiest of happy holidays!

With Love, M.