How to Cleanse Your Skin

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Imagine a morning without coffee, a night without netflix or starting your car without keys. All of these scenarios have missing parts that just don’t make sense. That’s exactly how I feel about a skincare routine with no cleansing. It simply doesn’t work. Cleansing your skin is something that more often than not is done incorrectly. As the first step to your skincare routine it is often skipped over or done way too quickly. In order to have your skincare routine work effectively you must prepare your skin for success. This post is bringing it back to basics to bring you the proper education on how to cleanse your skin.

Step 1- Picking a cleanser! When I ask people what cleansers they use I have been blown away on how this step falls on the spectrum of extremes. Meaning the cleansers are either useless or harmful to the skin. I know that dermatologists “recommend” cetaphil or cerave but I would recommend something more natural and gentle with no parabens or Chemicals. My suggestion would be to have a rotation of 3 cleansers:

  1. A gentle cleanser for the morning such as Odacite’s gentle rejuvenating cleanser or Tammy Fender’s Cleansing Milk.
  2. A more active cleanser for 2-3x a week such as Osmia Black Clay soap or May Lindstrom’s The Clean Dirt.
  3. An oil cleanser for when you need makeup removal or are feeling sensitive. Olive + M cleansing oil and Pure Jojoba oil are great options.

Having 3 cleansers that have different jobs in your arsenal will help you give your skin what it needs in different times of the day and week. Often our skin is compromised due to outside factors so it is crucial to start your skincare routine with the mindfulness that your skin may need more than one option. When in doubt, stick with the gentle option you’ve selected.

Step 2- Once you’ve selected the cleanser you need to start your routine with, set yourself up right with the proper environment to cleanse.

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