Joseph Pettyjohn, thank you!

Don’t you just love it when sweet friends surprise you with supporting news! Me too!

This just in from my dear friend Joesph Pettyjohn, and I quote, “This is the proper way to shave”.

Well, of course I picked up the phone and called him right away for a full report. He told me he has been using the Face Oil in conjuncture with his old school shave bar soap for a week now and it is giving him a spectacular close, clean shave AND leaving his skin so soft and hydrated. I was thrilled that he took it upon himself to try this but I did do a little redirecting. I advised using the Cleansing Oil, instead of the Face Oil. The Cleansing Oil has Castor oil in it which is the drawing oil, pulling the dirt and impurities from your pores. He was so excited to be educated on this I thought he was going to hang up the phone and dart back to bathroom sink and shave again.

So guys, get on board! Get in there and snake your ladies Olive + M Cleansing Oil and shave away! Exciting news…..we are in development with a men’s cleansing shave oil…so stay tuned!

Tip to ladies…I use the Cleansing Oil to shave my legs and they are so soft and smooth afterwards, its heavenly!

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