Nourishing Your Body from the Outside In

We all know the old saying “you are what you eat,” but did you know that you can apply that phrase more literally? So many foods we consume can be added to your skincare routine and help nourish you both inside and out.

Many foods can be used on your skin to exfoliate, moisturize and tone. As you read in our last post, you can even use food to soothe your undereye bags. Let’s delve deeper into what home remedies may be lurking in your very kitchen!


It may seem counterintuitive to use oil as a cleanser, especially if you’re prone to oily skin. Fun fact: oil dissolves oil. When cleansing with oil, you replace dirty oil with beneficial oil, leaving your skin clean, radiant, soft and glowing.


Apple cider vinegar is one versatile liquid. Not only can it help with digestion and inflammation, it also makes for a great skin toner. Apple cider vinegar tightens pores and dissolves dead skin cells and balances the pH level of your skin. Make sure to dilute the vinegar with double the amount of water of what you use! It will help cut down on the acidity.


Avocado oil is very moisturizing and has the plus of keeping wrinkles at bay thanks to vitamin E, polyphenols, and phytosterols. These simple fatty acids can be absorbed into your skin’s lipid layers easily and help restore skin’s smoothness.
So there you have it. These remedies and many more are waiting out there to help you both inside and out. So let’s take the phrase “you are what you eat” and change it to “you are what you eat and put on your skin”.

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