Glow + Recover: Holiday Party Kit

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Introducing our Holiday Party Kit, including all of the essentials you’ll need to glow on a night out… and recover the next morning.

Our best-selling Shimmer + Glow Body Oil is perfect to keep your skin radiant all night long. When you get home, use our Cleansing Oil to wipe away any leftover makeup for healthy, happy skin. And if you’re not feeling your best the next morning? Apply some of our Eye Serum, packed with avocado and cucumber oils that soothe + reduce any puffiness caused by a late night. Grab your Glow + Recover Holiday Party Kit now!

Whats Included:

Shimmer + Glow Body Oil (2 oz.)
Regular retail price of $28

Nourish + Energize Eye Serum (0.5 oz.)
Regular retail price of $54

Purify + Rejuvenate Cleansing Oil (2 oz.)
Regular retail price of $36

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