When It Comes To Skin Care, Go To The Garden For Results

Walking down the skin care aisle at your local pharmacy, you’ll see hundreds of bottles labeled with hundreds of ingredients you may not even be able to pronounce, let alone know what they will do to your skin. It can be overwhelming; which products are best for you?

plant based skin care

At Olive + M, we take the mystery out of skin care

If you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, why would you put it on your skin? After all, your skin is your body’s largest organ and benefits from good nutrition just like the inside your body. Instead of turning to chemicals and ingredients you know nothing about, try skin care made from ingredients you know and trust—ingredients provided by Mother Nature herself.

The gentle nature of plant oils

Everybody’s dealt with breakouts and oily skin, so you probably think we’re crazy for suggesting you clean your skin with oil. Trust us; it’s crazy not to! Your skin is left clean and soft, without the need to overproduce its own oils. For those with dry skin, our gentle oils penetrate deeply into the skin’s layers to heal from the inside out. When you use the highest quality, natural ingredients, a cleanser can be gentle, yet effective enough for every skin type.

Our all natural, GMO free oil formulas are ethically sourced and produced within the US. With these ingredients we’ve created a skin care line where each product works together to cleanse your skin of impurities, and dissolve “bad,” pore clogging oils. Best of all while you cleanse you also hydrate your skin without stripping it of its delicate balance of moisture.

The right plant oils for your skin

We don’t just throw a bunch of different oils in a bottle and tell you it’s the best—our founder, Mariska Nicholson, began researching and experimenting with the best cleansing and nourishing oils back in 2010, but she has been using oil on her skin for over a decade.

After four years of trial and error, Mariska found the perfect balance and launched Olive + M in December 2014. Her inspiration? “Food for your face.” She found that using simple ingredients like red raspberry seed oil, pink grapefruit seed oil, hemp seed oil, rose hips oil, and—of course—locally made Texas Olive Ranch cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil created a line of balanced, nourishing oils that provide excellent skin care. Another goal Mariska accomplished was creating a skin care line with ingredients you’ve heard of and can pronounce.

Good for your skin, good for the Earth

It makes total sense to use natural skin care for your health—but have you considered the other benefits? Using locally made products like Olive + M’s line of skin oils means you’re not just buying from a local artisan, but you’re also helping support local agriculture. Mariska partners with the Texas Olive Ranch to source the highest quality Texas extra virgin olive oil available. This fresh, cold-pressed olive oil is higher quality—and higher in antioxidants and nutrients to boot. All of Olive + M’s ingredients are sourced locally in the United States so not only do you know what exactly the ingredients are, you know where they come from. Now that’s ethical skin care.

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