Biggest Bang for your Buck! Multiple uses for Olive Oil Skincare

Biggest Bang for your Buck! Multiple uses for Olive Oil Skincare

Multi-Tasking Tips for Olive + M Products

Sometimes looking presentable feels more like work than pleasure. Now more than ever is a time to invest in multitasking products that can get the job done quickly and effectively so that you can spend your time on more important matters. 

Thankfully, Olive + M products are just that. All-natural, clean, effective, versatile and not to mention a bang for your buck! We’ve done the work for you by listing a few different ways that you can use Olive + M products. You might be surprised at all the different applications for products that you thought only had one use! Whether you’re looking to cut down on time, shopping on a dime or want a fresh, new way to use your favorite product-there’s a multitasker on this list for you.

Face Polish

  • Use as a Mask: Our Face Polish doubles as an exfoliating moisture mask! Apply to skin circular motions to exfoliate skin. Leave on for 5-10 minutes to deeply cleanse pores and pull impurities to the surface of your skin and deliver an extra vitamin packed punch of moisture. Rinse with warm water and remove excess polish with a damp washcloth.
  • Lip Scrub: Get super soft, nourished, flake free lips by gently massaging Face Polish onto lips. Rinse and remove with a damp washcloth for refreshed lips.
  • Underarm Exfoliator: Your armpits deserve regular exfoliation just as much as your face! We often forget to give our underarms love, but they need extra attention because they produce sweat and can often become irritated by deodorants, shaving and stress. Smooth, soften and cleanse your underarms by massaging the Face Polish into your skin and leaving it to soak for 2-5 minutes in the shower. This will give you a closer, smoother shave while preventing clogged pores and irritation. 

Body Polish

  • Shave with it: Use it to shave! Our Body Polish also works as a great pre-shave treatment anywhere on your body for a closer, smoother shave. Apply polish to the area you will be shaving. Work into skin in circular motions for maximum exfoliation as this helps soften the skin and hair, while clearing clogged pores and preventing ingrown hairs. Remove excess oil with a wet washcloth or skip the washcloth and just rinse with warm water for extra moisture. Then, shave as usual. This will make your legs look their silkiest.
  • Foot Scrub: Take your at home pedi to the next level by using our Body Polish on your elbows and feet to soften and remove dry, dull skin. Soak elbows, heels or feet in warm water for a few minutes, apply the body polish in a circular motion and watch those callouses soften right before your eyes!

Eye Serum

  • Lip Balm Primer & Lip Oil: It may seem strange that you’d need to prime before using lip balm, but it’s a hack that will save you from having to always reapply lip balm on dry lips! Spread a little bit of eye serum on your lips after you wash your face in the morning. Seal it with a balm and voila! Juicy, hydrated lips that will save you from having to reapply your lip balm every 5 minutes. To use as a lip oil use 1-2 drops to nourish and moisturize lips. This can be used as needed or as a nighttime lip treatment. Tip: Use after exfoliating lips with our Face Polish for maximum hydration and super smooth lips.
  • Lash& Eyebrow Serum: Moisturize and enhance the look of brows and lashes with a drop of our Eye Serum. Lightly massage into brows and tips of lashes at night to add shine and softness. You can also use the Eye Serum to prime your lashes before curling them for a glossy, smooth lash line. The nourishing ingredients in our Eye Serum will help to boost circulation and stimulate hair growth. Who doesn’t want longer, thicker lashes? Sounds like a winner to me!
  • An Instant Eye Lift: It’s no secret that Eye Serum hydrates your undereye, but what happens if you apply it cold? Put your Eye Serum in the fridge and find out! Use your fingertips lightly to massage the cold product under your eyes. The coolness will act like a caffeine boost to your undereye to lift and perk! This is a fun trick to use when your undereye is puffy or irritated. 

Body Oil

  • Luxury Bath Oil: Olive + M Body Oil doubles as a bath oil! Put a few pumps in your bath water for some invigorating aromatherapy. When you step out of the bath, you’re sure to have silky soft skin. It’s almost as good as the spa.  
  • After Sun Care: Apply Body Oil to sunburn to reduce redness and soothe inflamed skin. The moisturizing and healing properties of the oils will help prevent peeling, and antioxidants aid in fighting skin damage caused by the sun and environment.

Face Oil

  • Makeup Primer: Replace your makeup primer with our Face Oil! Massage into damp or dry skin and allow to completely absorb, about 5-10 minutes. For dry skin or for a dewier look, apply 1-2 pumps of Face Oil. For combination and oily skin or for a more satin to matte finish, apply to damp skin. 
  • Beard Oil: Face Oil is for beards too! Our Face Oil doubles as a moisturizing, shine boosting, frizz taming beard oil that nourishes and protects facial hair.
  • Mix with Body Lotion: Mix our Face Oil with your favorite body lotion to seal your skin with moisture all day long. Just add a drop or two in your palm with your body lotion, rub your hands together and apply. You’ll notice an easier application and extra nourishment from the added Face Oil that will leave your skin rich and plump. 

Cleansing Oil

  • Spot Treatment: Everyone dreads seeing a painful pimple pop up in the middle of your face. Our Cleansing Oil can be used to spot treat blemishes! Just dab a little bit of Cleansing Oil on your pimple before bedtime and wash off with a warm washcloth in the morning. Castor oil in the formula will work while you sleep to pull all the gunk to the surface and reduce inflammation, redness and swelling. 
  • Makeup Remover: Rubbing waterproof makeup off repletely using traditional soap leaves your skin dry and irritated. This can also be damaging to your beautiful lashes! Swap that soap out for our cleansing oil to remove makeup. Massaging a few drops of Cleansing Oil onto damp skin will melt away your tricky eye makeup and long ware lipstick and leave your skin clean and nourished. 
  • Shaving Oil: Try shaving with it! Whether it’s your legs, face or anything in-between, shaving with an oil promotes a closer, smoother shave. The nourishing, healing and anti-bacterial properties of the plant-based oils that we use help to reduce irritation, promote healthy hair follicles, prevent ingrown hairs and moisturize skin.

Shimmer + Glow Body Oil

  • Face Highlighter: Want that all-natural highlight without the chunky glitter? Rub a small drop of shimmer oil in your hands and press it on the parts of your face that you want to highlight. You can also mix the shimmer oil with your foundation to give your makeup a glowy finish. 
  • Hair Oil: Work a few drops of Shimmer Oil through the ends of damp or dry hair for added shine and moisture. This will also work to mend split ends and press down those pesky flyaways. Plus great smelling hair!
  • Lip Shine: Add a shimmery finish to your lips by dabbing a few drops of Shimmer Oil on top of your lipstick or gloss to create a luscious, dewy lip look. Tip: Only add the Shimmer Oil in the middle of your lips to create an ombre, 3D effect.

Antioxidant Balm

  • Cuticle Touch-Up : Use the Antioxidant Balm as a nourishing cuticle treatment to strengthen damaged or brittle nails, prevent peeling and promote overall healthy nails and cuticles. Massage into dry cuticles for that just-manicured look between trips to the salon. Plus, it comes in a convenient stick formula for easy, on the go application. 
  • Scar Prevention & Healing: Swipe the Antioxidant Balm on healing skin to hydrate and protect. The balm will form an occlusive layer that will protect your skin from the elements like cold temps, wind and air pollution as well as lock in moisture, antioxidants and healing nutrients. If you’re already using a scar prevention ointment, you can use the antioxidant balm on top and it will add an extra layer of protection.
  • Non-Flaky Brow Gel: Use the Antioxidant Balm as a non-flaky brow gel. Just add a small amount to the tips of your fingers (or spoolie) and swipe through your brow in an upward motion. Use your fingers to naturally shape your eyebrows into the desired shape. This is great to use in winter when your skin is already on the dryer side-no flakey eyebrows here!

If you have any questions about any of our products feel free to text us your questions at +1 512-641-3799 ! Or you can take our skin quiz and find out which products can help you reach your skin goals. Get a code for 25% off of your results when you take the quiz!

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