Body by Olive + M

Body by Olive + M

The Body by Olive + M Routine is a deliciously simple and highly effective routine that can be luxuriously enjoyed on a self care Sunday in ceremony or effectively incorporated at the start or the close of a busy day.   The body care assortment was born in tandem with our face line because the body deserves to be cared for and anointed equal to the face, wouldn’t you agree?

Body Oil

If your goal is sultry, sexy skin from head to toe, this body oil is your solution.  I like to apply it directly out of the shower or the bath while my skin is still a bit damp and my pores are open and ready to receive this antioxidant luxurious formula.

Here are a few additional tip and ticks you can integrate when using the body oil to maximize on her genius results.   


I am a big fan of dry brushing before the shower.  Dry brushing removes dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin while clearing oil, dirt and residue from your pores.  This step allows the Body Oil to penetrate at a deeper level post shower with all that debris out of the way!  With your lymph vessels located just below the skins surface, it also stimulates lymphatic drainage which is your bodies way of detoxing on a cellular level.  For me dry brushing is invigorating and energizing and so I like to do this practice in the morning as an add on to my morning cup of whatever warm caffeinated beverage I am enjoying that day.   


Are you a bath professional like me?  Well up your bath game and add a few pumps of the body oil directly into the hot water as you fill the tub.  The oil will break up and soften the water while the bright and refreshing scent of pink grapefruit and clary sage fills the steamy air rising from the water.  Look for the magic in the little things and the little things can sometimes make the biggest difference.  This is certainly one of them!


Engage in one of the most authentic acts of self kindness and love and give yourself a massage with the Body Oil.  A 10 minute massage to connect with your body in a mindful way can change your day.  You connect with your body when you choose the foods you give her or the exercise she needs to stay vital and strong so add massage to that list.  You can do an invigorating massage if you’re feeling sluggish or foggy or perhaps a soothing gentle touch is what she’s asking for, either way take a moment to give yourself some Body Oil massage love.


Body Polish

The Body Polish is another jewel in the crown but honestly somewhat of a best kept secret.  I formulated the Body Polish to be extremely emollient upon application but also to leave you with a deep, lasting hydration long after you use it.   I have always battled dry skin and I love a good body scrub but I felt like 30 minutes after I was out of the shower the silky soft skin I had when I towel dried my body was gone and I was back to my powdery dry skin thinking what happened?  Where did it all go?  This formula has not only olive oil in it but we layered in some olive butter to lock in moisture with an occlusive layer.   


Standard operating procedure is to use this formula in the shower.  Soap up that beautiful body of yours and get her sparkly clean and then work the polish in a circular motion on all the areas you aim to exfoliate and moisture.  Don’t forget to scrub those under arms and bikini lines to combat pesky ingrowns.  A nice rinse under the warm water to remove the excess polish and voila, glowing skin abounds!


So you love the body polish and want to take her to the next level do ya?  OK!  One of our team’s favorite “out of the box” practices is shaving your legs with it to achieve an extra close shave and sexy legs that feel like butter!


And a personal favorite I have come to crave on self care Sundays goes like this.   First I turn my bathroom into a sanctuary of wellbeing. I light some candles, turn on one of our Spotify playlists (insert live link here? Maybe you could make one more playlist Bijou?) that we made especially for you to enjoy with this sort of ritual, pour myself a glass of wine or steep a cup of herbal tea depending on my mood and dim the lights to suggest to my autonomic nervous system she should move into the parasympathetic mode.   While the bath is filling with warm water I do a thorough dry brush to remove the top layer of dead skin cells and prepare my skin to fully drink in the oils.  Then I use the body polish all over my body and when I am fully covered with the grit of the mineral sea salt formula I immerse myself in the warm water to soak and slip into a soulful meditation.  Oh the places you will go!   A quick rinse off as the water drains from the tub and then literally I crawl into bed and snuggle down for the night feeling so full of thanks and gratitude for such a pleasurable experience.

Shimmer Oil

And now for the sprinkles on top, introducing the one and only, the ultra fabulous, yet delicately subtle, Shimmer Oil.  We call her the gateway drug because if you are not sure about using oil on your skin just yet Shimmer will lure you in with her undeniable shimmery glow and seductive fragrance.  This formula leaves your skin with a luminescent healthy glow without looking like you’ve doused yourself in glitter.   Shimmer makes everything look better, sexy arms and legs, elegant decollate, alluring shoulders, highlighted cheek bones and fabulous shimmery hair.   This little lady plays in all the spaces from the gala to the playa, she’s got you covered.


Well that wraps up the body care portion of our assortment.  See what did I tell you? Simple yet deep, thats how we roll!   There is nothing worse than standing in front of a product line in the store staring at a wall of SKU’s and thinking which ones are right for me?   We keep it simple, clean, cruelty free, effective and affordable.  Mother Nature is our intrinsic driver because we know she holds the key to a successful youthful beauty routine.

xo M

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