Fluffing Your Aura - Why + How

Fluffing Your Aura - Why + How
What is an aura and why should you fluff it? Well I'll explain but first follow me on this flash back. When I was in my twenties, on a whim, I flew to Hawaii for the holidays to meet my best girlfriend and ring in the millennium New Year.   She had gone to India to sit under the Bodhi Tree and ring in the new year through meditation but upon arrival quickly learned she was in way over her head traveling alone in India with no pre-planned agenda.   She booked the first flight back to Los Angeles and called to tell me of her new plan to go to Hawaii and I should come with her, her treat!  How could I pass that up?  I managed to find a flight to LA, met her at the airport and we were off to Hawaii.  There was only one small detail which we decided wasn’t going to stop us, I didn’t have a flight home on her departure day.
Hawaii was amazing!  We swam, we hiked, we drank, we spa-d, we yoga-d, we even had drinks one night in a small hidden bar in our hotel with John Travolta and a few of his buddies…bonus, super nice guy!   Departure day came too soon as they always do and off to the airport we headed, me still on the stand by list.  My friend said to me, “girl we are going to fluff your aura so big they will have no choice but to call your name to board that plane”.   My friend had brought with her a smattering of nature she found on the hotel grounds that morning of palm fronds and feathers from the resident peacocks.   We got to the crowded gate and as I stood like a outstretched starfish she began to move the fronds and feathers in a fast paced motion from the center of my body to the top of my head and beyond, then my center to my shoulders and beyond, then my center to the tips of my fingers and beyond and so on as she made her way down to my feet and up the other side with both of us chanting, “I am fluffing my aura, my energy is opening up a seat on this plane, I will get on this plane.”  We were oblivious to the crowd of on lookers that found our practice odd and misunderstood.  We were believers and we were on a mission!  And then they called my name, “would Mariska Nicholson please report to the desk at gate 32.”   Not only did I make it on that plane but we managed to get seats next to one another.  That was a magical day in my life, that was the day I started to understand that we are energy and what we are putting out there matters! 🌈
Chakras Auras
Every living being has an aura which could be described as a luminous body of energy surrounding the physical body.  Your aura consists of 7 layers with each layer correlating to the 7 energy centers of the body otherwise known as the chakras.   Your physical body is closely connected to your emotional and spiritual bodies so your experiences can have a real-time impact on your aura.  You can also, consciously and unconsciously, dial into the aura of those you come in contact with.  Have you ever met someone and thought I want get to know this person, you just got a good vibe right away?  Well that was you tuning in to the electromagnetic energy field or the aura of that person…you were picking up what they were putting out!   So you see your aura can be sort of a silent first impression.  We all know that like attracts like and thoughts become things.   Paying attention to how you are showing up in the world and being conscious of that can really benefit and change your experiences.  One way to raise your vibe is by fluffing you aura and consciously changing your energy.   
So how do you fluff your aura?  Here are a few simple practices I use in my daily life to create a fluffy, sparkly aura!  When the situation allows I like to smudge myself and the room I am in for a deeper practice but you will see from my recommends below sometimes I do a little impromptu aura fluffing on the fly!
  1. Stand in a strong hero pose and quiet your mind.  Bring your palms together over your heart and silently set an intention.   Raise your hands above your head and with your hands cupped as if you were pulling yourself  through water begin to lower them down your sides making little circular motions moving the energy in the layers of your aura. Work your way from your head to your toe and back up again.  Have fun with this and go as fast or as slow as you feel compelled or called to do.
  1. Stand in a strong hero pose and quiet your mind.  Bring your arms out to your sides and slowing begin to bring your hands towards one another feeling the different layers of your aura you are moving through.  You may feel some layers feel thicker and more sticky, just notice, no judgement.  If you move into a layer that feels sticky stay there for a bit and call in the intention you desire to evolve that layer.  Then, when you’re ready, continue to move your hands until they almost meet and feel all the energy you have gathered like a little ball of fire between the palms of your hands.  Enjoy the power and feel how alive you are!
  1. When you exercise, consciously move through your aura.  I love to do this in my Barre class. When we are doing big sweeping movements with our arms and legs I imagine gold light projecting outward from the tips of my fingers, the crown of my head and the bottoms of my feet creating a golden orb of light I am dancing within!  Its elevating and magical and it makes me smile! 
  1. Venture out in to nature which might be your own backyard or a near by park but if you have access to something a bit more remote go for it!  Find a peaceful spot to get comfortable in a meditation pose, this could be cross legged with the crown of your head reaching for the sky or it could be fully reclined feeling the weight of your body being held by Mother Earth.    Begin focusing inside your body scanning from head to toe in complete relaxation.  Then start to move outside of your body and visualize moving through each layer of your aura until you reach the 7th layer, the very furthest away from the physical body.  This layer is the one that connects you to the feeling of being one with the universe, it vibrates at the highest frequency, is gold in color and is associated with the crown chakra.   As you lay there in a mediative state imagine your aura is blending seamlessly with the auras of all beings on the planet and tap into the divine feelings of oneness with the entire universe.  Accessing this sort of unconditional love and absolute inclusion will raise the vibration of every cell in your body leaving you with a blissful feeling of harmony and balance.  Enjoy the journey!
I hope this post has been helpful and has inspired you to explore fluffing your aura!   Leave us a comment and share with us ways you have worked with your own aura or how you have experienced the aura of others.  
Love and Light,
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