Listening to your Intuition ✨

Listening to your Intuition ✨
I was having a session with a mentor the other day and she asked me what I thought were traits of an abundant life that I would like to, or already do, embody.  I offered up a handful, two of them being; intuitive and confident.   She offered up a query, why not be intuitively confident?   Whoa, I want that!  
So many times in life I feel like I have tried to put things on that just don’t fit.  I’ve tried to be things I thought I should be because society or my parents told me I should.  Or I’ve tried to be like someone else because I fell into the comparison trap.  It’s a paralyzing place to be, consumed with the inner voice of self-criticism simply because God didn’t make me that way; spending way too much time recognizing their strengths and not my own.  Or maybe it's simply a bad fashion choice when I’ve tried to wear something that's trendy but looks absolutely ridiculous on my body type and my personality.  Sometimes my own skin suit even feels too tight because I’ve crammed in too many obligations, deadlines, and pints of anxiety ice cream.  
So when something comes along that I immediately know is mine and I can wear it like I own it because I do, glory hallelujah!!
My mentor went on to say, “Mariska, if there was a poster woman for whom you would consider intuitively confident, who would that be?”   For a moment my thoughts journeyed outward, scanning my experiences for who that person might be.   But then almost immediately my thoughts did a u-turn and blasted back through my third eye sending shock waves of joy rippling through my body.  They distilled down into my heart where my inner voice said, with authority, ME.  I would be on that poster because that is who I am.  I am intuitively confident.
Here are a few examples of how I have practiced intuitive confidence just in the last few days and what I received on the other side.  I went to a dinner party that I almost didn’t attend but I changed my plans in order to be there, my intuition told me I needed to go. I was seated next to a woman whom I did not know but is now a new friend and someone with whom my intuition tells me will play an important role in my future.  I attended an advanced yoga class that the inner voice tried to talk me out of, doubting my ability.  But I listened to my intuition and confidently made my way to my mat.  Not only did I rock the class, which absolutely helped build my confidence muscle, but I ran into an old friend I hadn’t seen in years.  Our reunion was an explosion of heart-opening love…the absolute best way to end a yoga class because on the mat you drop all the junk you don’t need and then to have her there waiting to fill the space with pure love and light…thank you intuition!  
Intuitively confident is something we can all be because intuition is part of our DNA as human beings.  The thing is we learn to doubt our intuition and so the lines get blurry.  The definition of intuition is a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.  The blurry lines come in when you swing the pendulum away from the instinctive feeling to the conscious reasoning that your ego-mind wants you to attach to and then the magic vanishes.  Your intuition needs some room to breathe. Next time you are hit with an intuitive thought give it some space.  Take a moment, take a breath before you immediately jump to doubting that thought.  I invite you to join me on this intuitively confident journey of exploring what your life could look like if you were to operate from that place.  Let me know if this resonates with you in the comments below. 
xo M
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