Local Austin Skincare: Olive + M

Local Austin Skincare: Olive + M

My team and I decided it was time for a little Q +. A on the brand to answer some of the questions we have getting lately so Bijou and I sat down and here are the highlights from our conversation.

B: M, can you tell us, what is the over-arching mission of Olive + M?

M: At Olive + M we are on a mission to empower women to radiate through the awesome power of Mother Nature. When it comes to awakening beauty on the inside and out, we believe that Mother Nature has all the answers and that she is willing to share them with us if we promise to treat her with respect. Our focus is to consciously create products that bring our bodies into harmony with nature using the rejuvenating ingredients found in Mother Natures' apothecary.

B: Are you and the brand both born and raised in Texas?

M: Yep, I am a Texas girl, and Olive + M is a Texas brand. We were both born and raised in this big beautiful state. I was born in South Texas but moved to Austin when I was 4. Olive + M was born right here in Austin and our products are also made right here in Texas. At Olive + M we are big fans of reducing your carbon footprint and environmental impact whenever it is possible. I do this with my business but I also do this with my household and I am teaching my boys to be mindful of their carbon footprint as well.

B: What does it mean to you to be a woman-owned brand and lead our team on this journey?

M: There are days that I wake up still and think to myself how in the world have I been able to successfully manage to be a mom and run my business for all these years! But women are great multitaskers and I am, for sure, no exception! Bijou, you and I talk a lot about how we are so excited to see the shift that is happening in the workplace with women. Historically women used their multitasking skills in the home but now we are expanding our horizons and we are rocking positions in the boardroom, the design studio, the commercial kitchen, corporate executive positions and yes, entrepreneurs! There are so many women entrepreneurs in the world today sharing their innovative and creative ideas in all kinds of fields that we have been held back from in the past. These women are changing the landscape of the business world as we have known it previously. According to the Women Business Enterprise National Council, female entrepreneurs own 40% of all businesses in the U.S. WHAT?? I mean that's badass!! We are not taking no for an answer any longer and the business world is a much more balanced and innovative place with us in it!

As for leading my team, I take leadership very seriously but I also take collaboration equally as seriously. I have always let my team know they work with me, not for me and ideas should always be forthcoming. Olive + M would not be what it is today without all the amazing tribe that has been shaping her through the years. The African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child” is felt viscerally when I think about the Olive + M journey…Olive + M, the child, and my team the village, for sure!

B: What do you mean when you say Olive the good stuff?

M: All of our formulas are made with ethically sourced all-natural plant-based oils and botanical extracts. Every ingredient in our formulas has a job to do, we don’t add stuff in for marketing props or frivolity. All of the formulas are also Gluten-Free, Vegan, Non-GMO, and Cruelty-Free.

B: Where can people purchase the products?

M: If you live in Texas we are available at all the Central Market locations. This is a new partnership for us and we are super excited about it. We also have a lot of small business partnerships through the US that we love! Coming soon we will have an updated stockiest list on the site. We encourage shopping locally if you can find us in your area. I believe shopping locally promotes the individuality and creativity of small businesses and says no to generic and commodified companies. You can also buy the products on our website and listen up Planet People this part is super cool…. for every sale we make online, we plant a tree with the Tree App!

Well, that was fun! I hope y’all (official Texas term meaning you all!) enjoyed learning a little bit more about us! And please, keep the questions coming! DM us or shoot us an email at hello@oliveandm.com. We love answering questions and getting to know our tribe. We understand that this is a symbiotic relationship, we support you and you support us and the world keeps spinning round and round and the love grows stronger the change happens!

Peace, Planet People!

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