Olive +M X Campbell Ritchie X NYFW = Love

Olive +M X Campbell Ritchie X NYFW = Love
How did Olive + M find it's way as the skincare hero  backstage of an epic New York Fashion Week show? 
Deepak Chopra says there are no coincidences only meaningful synchronicities.   I believe it is my job to stay awake enough to recognize these synchronicities so I can work with them to build a better version of the life I am living.  Last November I attended a dear friends birthday party and I encountered one of life’s meaningful synchronicities, I met Campbell Ritchie.
Campbell Ritchie is hands down one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met.   She radiates love and positivity and this talented lady is on a mission to use her craft as a celebrity makeup artist to make the world a safer and better place.   Campbell is a passionate advocate for clean, vegan and cruelty free beauty.  
Her story is a personal one of battling several types of cancer and learning of the toxic levels of harmful chemicals in her body that were the direct culprits of the chaos stressing her life force.   At the time of her first diagnosis she had not transitioned to a vegan lifestyle although she had been a vegetarian her entire life.  It did not take very much convincing to make the change after learning of the alarming levels of animal antibiotics she had in her body from dairy alone.  As she peeled back the layers of discovery she went all the way back to her childhood.   She learned that a lot of the cancer causing toxins that were wreaking havoc on her body were in the products her mother used on her as a child, global brands that are still out there being used on children today.  Campbell has made a conscious decision to turn her life threatening cancer into a positive movement using her voice to educate and inform about the changes that need to happen not just in beauty but on the planet as a whole.
“I feel proud when I can help a celebrity client discover a beauty brand that’s making a difference. There are so many small brands out there who aren’t using animal ingredients, have reduced packaging, and have a mindful mission statement leaning towards sustainability.”
Since that meaningful night when I met Campbell I have had the pleasure of sharing with her our collective devotion for clean, non-toxic beauty.   She and I also share a very fundamental belief that what you put on your body should be equally as important as what you put in your body.  She has become a devotee of the Olive + M clean formulas and for me this is a personal best to have Campbell Ritchie in our corner!  And just when I thought this meaningful synchronicity couldn’t get any better she asked if Olive + M would like to be the skincare brand she would use at the Cho Cheng New York Fashion Week show!  It was a resounding YES and the dream team extraordinaire was on the NYFW runway!
I think Campbell would agree with me when I say it is time that we all wake the freak up!  We’ve gotten ourselves into a bit of a mess with all the chemicals in our food, personal care products, cosmetics, cleaning products…dang it’s everywhere.  And it is most certainly an inconvenient truth because now we have to do the work to recognize the mess and clean it up!  Campbell is clear on the simple fact that you vote with your dollar and with this very simple practice we can move the needle.  I am proud to stand beside her and shout that from the mountain top.   
Thank you Campbell for being such an inspiration and for being the voice of the voiceless and protecting our fellow humans and our majestic Mother Earth.  And thank you to the Universe for putting this ethereal creature in my path to broaden my horizons and make my journey that much more sweet.
So I encourage you to look for the meaningful synchronicities and re-frame what used to be considered a coincidence.  A coincidence is recognized and dismissed where a meaningful synchronicity can be nurtured and fostered into great things with some intention and awareness. Welcome to your waked up self and a new playing field of meaningful possibilities! 
I close by saying how awesome it was to get to partner with such an amazing group of people, Campbell, the models and the designer were all BOMB.COM.
Our entire line made it backstage and on to these gorgeous ladies faces. We are so proud! 
OOoOOoo and thanks for the mention in Elle Campbell! Elle Article 
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