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As we approach the final chapter of 2020, we all know that the pandemic is far from over. During the next few months and into 2021 we will all continue to practice safety measures in order to keep everyone safe. On a positive note, 2020 has given the world some time to reevaluate, reflect and adapt to a slower pace…even if just for a little while. Since we are all stuck at home, we might as well make the best of it with some self-care. Can I get an AMEN!?

1. Build your skincare routine.

A skincare routine might seem complicated and make you feel overwhelmed, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s a perfect time to turn the mirror to your skin, access what your skin might need and take steps to build out a skincare routine that will last. 

  • Keep it simple, don’t overdo it! The basics of a skincare routine are cleanse, moisturize and protect. Try a gentle cleanser to was away dirt and oil, bring moisture to you skin with a face oil or moisturizer and protect your skin with sunscreen and a product packed with antioxidants. Easy peasy!
  • Next, try to limit factors that might be affecting your skin game. Makeup is a big one! Once you see how your skin behaves without all the excess, evaluate your skin needs. Does your skin appear dry? Are your fine lines more noticeable? How’s the sun treating your skin? Understanding your true skin needs is important before experimenting with new products.
  • Once you finalize your skin needs, try a few products out that address those needs. See what works and what doesn’t. This might take a few weeks, but what else are we doing anyways?! If you need help help understanding which Olive + M products are best for you, take our skin goals quiz! You get 25% off your results!
  • Once you find some winners, continue incorporating them into your routine while adding back in your normal makeup products. This part is easiest when done in small segments. Start by adding back in eye makeup, then lips and eyebrows and lastly your face makeup.
The reason for doing this in steps is to make sure that none of your makeup products are affecting your skin in unwanted ways. For example, if you

find that you’re breaking out as soon as you implement your foundation
back into your routine, you may want to reevaluate your foundation
choice. All this time you thought you couldn’t use a moisturizer because
they “broke you out”, but your foundation was the culprit all along!
Once all is said and done you will have a greater understanding of your skin
needs, how to nourish and attend to those needs and have a successful
system that will set you up for skincare success for years to come.

2. Maskne.

A sign of the times, “maskne” is acne, rashes or other skin irritation
caused from wearing a mask. Even if you’ve never heard this term, you probably have experienced at least one of the symptoms. Unfortunately, heavy
makeup or skincare products are not ideal when wearing masks for a long period
of time and can contribute heavily to blemishes. These products can soil your
mask, clog pores and trap bacteria, which will sit on your skin all day. By the
time you take your mask off-hello acne. Even the simple act of breathing and
talking can change the pH of our skin, trap moisture and promote bacteria
growth. It goes without saying, keeping your skin clean is the most important
skincare step to prevent maskne. Before you pop on your mask, make sure you
cleanse your skin. You will also want to keep your skin somewhat hydrated to
prevent irritation and rashes. On chapped skin, apply a thick cream or balm
where your mask hugs your face. This will help alleviate your skin, while
protecting from further irritation. Don’t forget to wash your masks! They should
be washed as frequently as every day. This will rid your mask of dirt, oil and
other pollutants and help keep your skin clear and maskne free.


3. Try new things!

A lot of people are limiting their social interactions, continuing
to work from home and wearing masks in public areas. With limited interactions
and masks, nobody is going to notice if your skin reacts poorly to a new product!
Now is the time to try those skincare items that might have seemed a little scary
last year. You may even find your new favorite holy grail.


4. Skincare is self-care.

Physical health is tied to emotional and mental health and
all can affect our ability to cope, be productive and give the best version of
ourselves to our loved ones. It’s important now more than ever that we cut
ourselves some slack and lean into taking time for ourselves. Skincare is a great
way to practice self-care and take break from all the chaos. Turn on the bath, put
on a yummy mask, put on some relaxing music and take a soak! Add some
Epsom salt or lavender to your bath for a little extra sparkle. Even just 10-20
minutes of self-care a day can significantly improve your overall mental state.


5. Listen to your skin.

Quarantine life may affect your skin in different ways.
Maybe your hands look like shedding raisins from all the hand washing or maybe
your skin has become extra sensitive and irritated from wearing masks all day.
Whatever the case, make sure you are listening to your skin. It is very easy to
get used to thinking your skin is permanently one way or another and that is
simply not true. A multitude of environmental factor affect your skin on a daily
basis and your skin needs probably have changed along with the world. Be
prepared for an audible and give your skin what it wants!


6. Get sleep and drink water.

Sounds simple right? Many of us are not getting
enough sleep or drinking enough water. Not getting enough sleep can increase
Cortisol levels in your body (a stress hormone), which can lead to breakouts.
Additionally, sleep helps our immune system fight illnesses! The National Sleep
Foundation recommends that adults get between 7-9 hours of sleep. A general
rule of thumb is, if you wake up tired and spend the whole day craving a nap,
you are probably not getting enough sleep. Skin cells consist of mostly water.
When you’re dehydrated, your skin will suffer. Keeping your skin hydrated will
keep it plump and less prone to wrinkling. Drinking enough water also increases
energy and flushes toxins from your body, making you feel more alert and
productive. The Institute of Medicine recommends that men drink 13 cups of
water a day, while women should drink about 9. Of course, those numbers increase with exercise and in the summer when the body tends to sweat a little
more. Remember, if you’re feeling thirsty, your body is already dehydrated!
If you find yourself in quarantine, skincare might be the least of your concerns, but self-care is important now more than ever. It’s safe to say that we all need to take better care of ourselves.

It’s like they say on airplanes, “fasten your oxygen mask before helping others”. If you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to help others who can’t help themselves! Maybe you will come out of 2020 with a bomb skincare routine, stumbling upon a new favorite product or maybe you will simply invest time in self-care. Making it through 2020 will be a triumph in itself.
Let’s all continue to take care of ourselves and others as the world continues to heal and
Be kind to yourself today!

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