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Olive + M

Renew + Repair Face Oil



Olive + M's face oil will give your skin the hydration and repair it is thirsty for! Packed with natural plant based oils that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, omegas and amino acids, this lightweight formula will renew and repair, leading your skin feeling radian, soft and glowing. 

Key Ingredients

Olive Oil: Just like your skin’s natural sebum, olive oil’s antimicrobial properties protect the skin, while vitamins A and E help repair and renew.

Pomegranate Seed Oil: Perfect for all skin types, this powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient regenerates skin cells and may reverse past damage, creating a revived appearance. 

Rosehip Oil: Rosehip oil is loaded with skin-nourishing essential fatty acids and vitamins, such as vitamins A and C, which help encourage cell turnover, collagen formation and overall skin radiance. 

Red Raspberry Seed Oil: Red raspberry seed oil is an antioxidant powerhouse! Linoleic and oleic acids help reduce the damaging effects of free radicals on the skin while replenishing moisture. 

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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