When it comes to awakening beauty on the inside and out, we believe that Mother Nature has all the answers and that she is willing to share them with us if we promise to treat her with respect.

When it comes to awakening beauty on the inside and out, we believe that Mother Nature has all the answers.

Clearly we are fans of the almighty Olive!
We use Olive Oil in all of the formulas at Olive + M because we know this tiny fruit is a powerhouse of skin-loving properties! Olives contain hydroxytyrosol one of the most potent antioxidants on the planet. They also contain squalene that deeply soothes and moisturizes without leaving an oily finish. It helps slow down transepidermal water loss and boosts skin moisture, making the complexion look more radiant and nourished, yes, please!

The Tunisian olive oil is most definitely the nectar of the Gods Our trees are dry-farmed, which is to say that there is no irrigation system. The only water these trees receive is a gift from Mother Nature herself; rainwater that falls from the sky. Each tree has a 50 foot cleared radius so the root system of the olive tree can accept all the nourishing rain that falls upon its territory. This olive oil is organic before organic even had to be a concern! In the thousands of years that our trees have been flourishing in the Tunisian soil they have never be treated with any kind of pesticide, period! The farmers have kept it old school. They didn’t mess with Mother Nature’s formula. At Olive + M we are incredibly thankful, grateful, supportive, and respectful of these farmers and their gift to us! Click here to learn more about our olive oil.

It is a common misconception that using oil-based skincare products will leave your skin feeling and looking oily and that only people with extremely dry skin should use oil-based products. Not only do we want to dispel this misconception, but we want enlighten the world to incredible benefits oil can have on your skin, even when you are using it to cleanse your skin. Olive + M’s products are packed with cold-pressed, plant-based oils that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, omegas and amino acids. Anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce redness and irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin. If you are new to washing your face with oil the first and most important principal to understand is oil dissolves oil. That is correct! Your face is actually cleaner and more refreshed. And since olive oil has antibacterial properties, it helps kill bacteria that causes acne. Bye-bye blemishes!

Olive + M is all about naturally occurring magic and harnesses the power of Mother Nature’s apothecary in the formulas that we produce. Like the woman of ancient times, you could just take olive oil and use it to clean, protect and repair your skin to great effect. But these days, Olive + M takes the might olive to the next level by surrounding it with amazing botanicals adding more vitamins, minerals, and aroma to our products. Natural remedies like rosehip oil, pomegranate oil, carrot seed oil, and sea buckthorn are known to contain high levels of Vitamin A and are showcased in Olive + M’s Face Oil, Cleansing Oil, Body Oil, Eye Serum, and Antioxidant Balm. Bergamot oil, lavender and cardamom provide beautiful fragrance as well as Vitamins A, C and E to enhance the already antioxidant properties of the olive oil. All combined with no preservatives or chemicals.