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Olive + M

Soothe + Protect Antioxidant Balm (0.35 oz)


Designed to go with you anywhere and everywhere, our antioxidant-packed balm melts into your skin on contact and absorbs quickly.  Use it as an occlusive layer to seal in moisture as a night time repair.  Use to protect skin when out in the elements.  Soothes irritated skin from bug bites.  Use to reduce the appearance of scars.  Use to soften cuticles and heal dry cracked skin.   Its everywhere repair!

Key Ingredients

Olive Oil: Just like your skin’s natural sebum, olive oil’s antimicrobial properties protect the skin, while vitamins A and E help repair and renew.

Sunflower Seed Wax: Sunflower seed wax coats skin with a thin protective film that seals in moisture, keeping skin hydrated for longer. It also improves overall texture, leaving your skin feeling soft and silky.  

Carrot Seed Oil: Vitamins E, C and carotol work together to give the skin a rejuvenated look and feel. Carrot seed oil is high in antioxidants, which help firm, tone and protect the skin from environmental stressors. 

Prickly Pear Oil: Prickly pear oil is rich in essential fatty acids, which help keep the collagen layer of your skin moist and pores tight. This leaves the skin plump, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and adding firmness.  

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Customer Reviews

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